15 Amusing Reasons Why Beagles Bark and Howl (Beagle’s Perspective)

why do beagles bark and howl

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Have you ever wondered why beagles bark and howl so much?

We’ve conducted a fun, hypothetical interview with a beagle to gain some insights into why they’re so vocal and what you can do to harmonize your household life.

why do beagles bark and howl interview with a beagle

Interview with a ‘Beagle’ Begins…

Hey there, it’s The Barmy Beagle talking!

Now, we beagles might not like to acknowledge it, but we do understand that our barking and howling can ruffle your feathers a bit.

Truth be told, most times we’ve got a pretty legit reason for our “vocal performances.” Other times, we just love to push the boundaries a tad.

Let’s say we strike a deal, eh? A little give-and-take?

Time to shed some light on this!

So, why do Beagles Bark and Howl so much?

Sure, all dogs bark, but we beagles – we’re like the opera singers of the dog world. We’ve got an opinion on most things that simply bore other mutts.

We think our name comes from the French term ‘begueule’ which means open throat, so technically – it would be rude not to!

But we get it, our barking can get under your skin.

As a representative of the beagle breed, I’m here to answer some of your burning questions about what stirs us into our bark-and-howl mode, and how you can lend a paw to help.

So, let’s dive into some common reasons that get us beagles barking and howling.

1. We can smell something you can’t see

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to bark at my human to tell them that there is something under the couch (that neither of us can see), yet they still doubt my nose, even to this day!

Let it be known – our noses are no laughing matter. We’re practically superheroes in the scent department, you know?

beagles bark becuase their nose is trying to tell you something

2. We are excited to see you

We’re quite the social butterflies and always tickled pink to see our favorite humans. When our human comes home after a day at work or school, chances are they’ll be greeted by our energetic barking concert from inside the house!

We also like to throw a noisy welcome party for other dogs who drop by, although we do play favorites…some canine companions get our tails wagging more than others, if you know what I mean…

3. We bark when something is out of place

Us beagles like routine, so when you hang a big new picture up on the wall, or we can see people working on the roof next door, it kind of freaks us out.

We like to know where EVERYTHING is at ANY given time. No surprises. Thanks.

beagles bark when something is out of place

4. It’s in our blood

A fun fact many folks aren’t aware of is that beagles are outstanding hunters. So, when an unfamiliar scent intrudes on our domain (a.k.a your backyard), we simply have to probe and make it abundantly clear who’s in charge around here.

And those impudent foxes leaving their deposits right on our doorstep – honestly, the nerve of some creatures!

5. When we get mishandled

We do do like a bit of rough and tumble or bitey-face, but when playmates get a bit overzealous, you might notice our bark going up an octave or two, as if we’re going through vocal puberty!

This tends to make us feel rather self-conscious, so please refrain from laughing. If you do, we might just keep barking until our regular, dignified tones are back in action.

6. To let you know of intruders

We’re very good at warning people of intruders and will happily do so from within the safety of our home, with a couple of deep barks before returning back under your desk or sofa where we’ll settle down.

But well, if the intruder happens to bring along some sausages… that’s a whole different story!

does your dog bark at other dogs 970×250

7. We bark to get your attention

We beagles can be a little mischievous at times, and if we find that barking grabs your attention, we won’t hesitate to use it to our advantage!

In our minds, this is simply normal behavior and we assume you’re totally fine with this setup. So unless you tell us otherwise, expect this barking symphony to continue. Thanks.

8. We like to chase off squirrels

We can’t resist barking at those pesky squirrels and sending them running, even though I’ll admit, I’ve never actually caught one and I’d be at a loss if I ever did.

If, against all odds, I do manage to snag one, my human has promised she’ll whip up a tasty squirrel stew for us.

beagle bark when chasing squirrels

9. We were taught to howl from a young age

Another reason why we beagles howl is simply because that’s what our humans encouraged when we were just pups.

They couldn’t resist chuckling and cooing whenever we let out a howl, so we figured out that if we want our humans to engage with us, all we need to do is let out a good ‘AROOO!’

But if our howling is starting to get a bit much, these Online Dog Training Courses might be able to tone down our aroo-ing a bit!

beagle taught to howl from young age

10. We bark to warn our brothers and sisters

We’re not just barking for the sake of it, we also bark to alert our fellow canines that there’s a potential threat nearby (we make excellent alarm systems!) suggesting they’d best make a quick exit before it gets dicey!

We have no problems confessing that we’re not a particularly brave breed of dog.

11. Because we haven’t eaten for weeks

Ok, we may be prone to a little exaggeration here.

However, when it seems like we haven’t had a meal in ages and our bellies start growling, we feel compelled to bark to signal that it’s feeding time. If no one stops us, we just might keep howling indefinitely.

beagle bark and howl when hungry

12. When we are sad

It’s a common misconception that dogs can’t experience emotions in the same way humans do… but that’s simply not true. Sometimes, we beagles can feel quite low and we need to voice our distress through a howl!

If you notice that your beagle seems down or distressed (signs can include isolating themselves or seeking your attention more), it’s important to offer us comfort. Especially if we’ve been alone for extended periods, since separation anxiety can affect us.

A little snack, if our belly is growling, is usually enough to lift our spirits.

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13. When we are happy

Beagles also howl out of pure joy! As a breed, we’re typically quite jolly, so it’s not out of the ordinary for us to let out a bark and promptly shift into our signature beagle yodel.

If you request in a friendly manner, we’re more than ready to belt out our tuneful melodies on command!

14. We bark when we are scared

When fear grips us, we tend to bark quite a bit. It’s our method of alerting you to potential danger. Our physical reactions can also give it away – you might notice us trembling, our tails hidden between our legs, or our ears appearing droopy.

Engage with us calmly about our fears, so we can work together to reduce or eliminate the frightful triggers.

Naturally, certain special treats can serve as great fear-busting tools too!

beagles bark when they are scared

15. We bark because we’re bored

We’re well aware that our barking can really annoy you. Hence, when we’re bored, we tend to bark to grab your attention and entice you into playtime or to yield to our requests.

An instance could be when we’re craving a treat.

Have we ever mentioned our fondness for food?

beagles bark or howl when they are bored

How to Stop Beagles Barking or Howling Too Much

While we absolutely enjoy expressing ourselves, if our barking or howling becomes excessive, there are a few strategies you could implement to assist us.

1. Avoid giving us attention

As previously mentioned, beagles use barking and howling as a means of attracting your attention.

Reacting or shouting back simply reinforces that we’ve been successful. Try ignoring us instead, chances are we’ll probably just go lay down and give you a cheeky side-eye.

2. Give us something to occupy our mouths with

If we’ve got something in our mouths, then we can’t bark or howl! This isn’t a trick one (we’re not suggesting food 24/7) but a tough chew that’ll keep us entertained for a while is a great idea.

Plus, licking and chewing for 30 minutes is exhausting.

My favorite is an ‘almost’ empty peanut butter jar – takes me about 45 minutes followed by a loooong snooze!

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beagle gift shop 4

3. Exhaust us physically and mentally

We certainly love a lengthy walk and some fun time with our buddies, but mental exercises are also an excellent way to make sure we’re too tired to bark or howl.

A thrilling game I personally enjoy is when my human hides treats around the house while I’m outside, then tells me to go find them.

Even after finding them all, I spend another hour ensuring I didn’t miss any before I settle for a snooze. Fun times!

Here’s a list of 13 Ways to Keep a Beagle Mentally Stimulated.

4. Give us a long-lasting puzzle

Recently, we beagles have stumbled upon an enduring puzzle that truly tests our jaws like nothing else!

Given our commitment to ensure every bit of food is accounted for, the Lickimat keeps us entertained for quite a while.

Sometimes, my human levels up the difficulty by freezing it before spreading some frozen yogurt on the mat. We really don’t mind the extra challenge though.

lickimats are great for beagles

The key takeaway is understanding beagles’ nature; we are generally more vocal than most other breeds.

I know several beagle friends who have successfully negotiated a peaceful coexistence with their humans, leading a happy life without excessive barking or howling.

There’s also a small number of beagles (complete outliers) who have been naturally quiet since birth (but I can’t speak for them!)

Anyhow, I hope you found this honest interview insightful, I do try to represent the voice of all beagles around the world!

Until next time, The Barmy Beagle

beagle barking for attention

That’s a wrap!

These are just a handful of the typical reasons why beagles are known to bark and howl – it’s a part of their unique charm.

For further reading, you might like to explore more fascinating beagle facts or check out our article on 15 pros and cons of owning a beagle

Did you enjoy this amusing interview? If you’d like more direct conversations like this with beagles, let us know in the comment section below!

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