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20 Must-Have Beagle Products

Beagles have slightly different characteristics than other dog breeds, and subsequently have varying needs. An expensive plush toy is not always the best option – unless you’re prepared to see it destroyed within minutes! Whether you’re bringing a beagle puppy home, or a newly adopted adult beagle, here are some must-have items for the new member of the family!

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1. Kong Extreme Toy

Kongs are one of the very few things that beagles find incredibly difficult to chew through. When filled with their favorite treat, you can expect to keep them occupied and distracted for some time.

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2. Cube Treat Dispenser

These cube treat dispensers are tough and completely indestructible – even for a beagle! Just place a few treats inside and keep them entertained for hours!

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3. Snuffle Mat Treat Puzzle

Snuffle mats are a staple item in any beagle household! Get your hound to work for their treats by putting that super-sonic nose to work!

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4. Retractable Dog Leash

For the times when you can’t let your beagle roam free, a long retractable leash is a must. This leash is sturdy and strong enough for all beagles.

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5. Dog Stake Anchor

A Dog Stake is a very handy tool for any beagle owner who wants to take their hound with them to all outdoor gatherings!

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6. Dog Travel Bag

If you love to be organized when it comes to your household, then grab this dog travel bag to ensure you have everything your beagle needs in one place!

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7. GPS Dog Tracker

A GPS Dog Tracker is a great way of giving your beagle freedom to roam around without a leash whilst also tracking their movements.

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8. Durable Toy Box

Keep all of your beagle’s toys in one place with this see-through, indestructible, easy-access toy basket!

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9. Back Seat Car Cover

Keep your car clean from beagle fur and ensure they don’t venture towards the front, with this fabulous back seat car cover!

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10. Travel Crate

Crates are the best way to travel with beagles and give them a familiar place they can call ‘home’ when they are being looked after by others too.

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11. Tough Chew Toys

Beagles can chew through most things at lightning speeds, so expensive plush toys are probably not the best way to keep a beagle entertained. These tough chews will last much longer than most.

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12. Tick Removal Kit

Beagles love to run around in long grass and overgrowths where they are likely to pick up ticks. Safely remove them yourself at home with this tick removal kit.

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13. Dog Cooling Mat

Keep your beagle cool on hot days with this clever gel-filled cooling mat!

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14. Daily Dental Chews

Keep your beagle’s teeth and breath in check with these daily dental brushing chews!

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15. Dog Crate Pad

A basic, non-slip crate pad is the best type of bedding for a beagle whilst they are being crate trained.

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