7 Unique & Fun Beagle-Themed Board Games and Gifts

the best fun gifts and games for beagle owners

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Looking for some of the best unique and fun gifts for beagle fans? Well, we’ve got you covered! We have put together this list of the ultimate beagle-themed board games and gifts that will keep the family entertained for hours.

We promise it includes items that you have never seen before and will make the perfect gifts for beagle owners and fans anywhere.

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the best fun board games and gifts for beagle owners

Fun Gifts for Beagle Lovers

Here’s a list of board games and crafts that will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves beagles. They have not been the easiest of gifts to find online, so they’ll be sure to stand out as a unique present!

1. Beagle-Opoly Board Game

Late for the Sky Beagle-opoly

A funny take on Monopoly!

Get your paws on this fabulous new beagle-themed game and you’ll be in for hours of excitement!

Beagle-Opoly combines everyone’s favorite game: Monopoly, with our favorite dog breed: The Beagle. If you don’t know what Monopoly is… well it’s time to get up to speed because this Beagle-Opoly match will have players developing skills while searching for fun ways to earn money. 

It’ll have them laughing out loud with frequent references to the quirky behaviors they have to endure as beagle owners!

2. Beagle Mechanical DIY Wooden Model

EWA Eco Wood Art 3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model for Adults and Teens - Puppy - DIY Kit for Self-Assembly, No Glue Required

Want to avoid getting a gift that will end up at the back of the closet? 

Adults will LOVE helping their little beagle fans build their very own Wooden Beagle Mechanical Model! It’s an exciting, creative construction toy and a cute party activity that will keep them occupied for hours. 

They’ll love assembling the pieces by themselves, building and decorating their new best pal. Wait to see their faces once it’s finished and all paws move mechanically!

3. Beagle or Bagel? Card Game

Beagle Or Bagel

Beagle or Bagel is an exciting game that challenges visual perceptions in fun, unpredictable ways!

Flip the cards as fast as you can and be the first to call out “Beagle” or “Bagel,” depending on which one has shown up most often. With 3 levels of play, this creative card game offers a ton of laughs for all ages. One of the most fun beagle-themed gifts for any fan!

beagle gift shop 6

4. Miniature Beagle Nanoblock

nanoblock Beagle Building Sey , Brown

Nanoblocks are the newest trend in construction toys. This set includes a cute Miniature Beagle, but you wouldn’t even know it was there if we didn’t tell you! 

Creativity will flourish with this micro-sized building block set. Suitable for children 8 years of age or older, it promotes planning skills in addition to creative play while developing hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking. Great for adults and children who love beagles!

5. Beagle Puppy Jigsaw Puzzle

Clementoni 39435 Collection Panorama Clementoni-39435 Collection Panorama-Beagles-1000 Pieces, Multi-Colour

You were looking for a creative and fun beagle-themed gift idea – well, your search is over! This Jigsaw Puzzle of 9 adorable beagle puppies will make the perfect gift for anyone that loves these hounds. 

With this 1000-piece beagle puzzle, you’re sure to fall in love as well. Whether it’s a hobby or a home project for the kids, this difficult jigsaw will keep them entertained for hours.

6. Beagle Coloring Book

Beagles Go Around the World Colouring Book: Beagle Coloring Book - Perfect Beagle Gifts Idea for Adults and Older Kids (Volume 1)

This Beagle Coloring Book can provide hours of relaxing escapism at a great price. Once they start, it’ll be hard to stop! With this bestselling coloring book designed with adults, teenagers and kids in mind, there’s no excuse not to take 5 minutes out to recharge.

Beagle lovers won’t need any fancy art supplies – just some pens or pencils that are lying around the home. A hugely popular way of keeping the hands and mind busy whilst traveling.

7. Beagle Piperoid 3D Origami

PIPEROID Animals Beagle Dog 3D Puzzle DIY Craft Kit for Adults and Kids - Cool Karakuri Circus Japanese Origami Paper Craft

It’s not just origami – it’s Beagle-Origami! 

Putting these together are fun and require precision folding skills. It’s a 3D beagle to have on display in your home or office as a functional decoration. Finish the puzzle with one solution only and no mistakes! 

All joints will move like karakuri circus papercrafts, making these quirky creations even more adorable models. This Beagle-Origami makes for fun crafts for adults but also excels as DIY toys for kids aged 7+.

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Wrapping Up Our Fun Gifts for Beagle Owners

There’s nothing quite like watching a family member or friend unwrapping their present and being greeted with an awesome beagle-themed gift that puts a huge smile on their face.

We hope this list of the best fun board games, crafts, and gifts for beagle owners has taken some stress out of finding a unique present. And if we’ve missed one, let us know in the comments below!

Don’t forget, our very own Beagle Shop has tons of fun beagle-themed gift ideas, we’re sure you’ll find something that they’ll love!

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