K9 Training Institute (K9TI) Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

k9 training institute review

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It can be darn challenging trying to train a puppy or an adult dog that has some patience-testing behavioral issues. But once you’ve been through all of the freely available information online, is it time to turn to the professionals?

We have spent months waiting to write this review of the K9 Training Institute (K9TI) Total Transformation Masterclass in order to complete the course in full before making up our minds on whether it’s worth your time (or money).

In this review, we will cover all of the important aspects of the course (including the price), so that you can decide if it is right for you and your pooch.

After all, this is one of the most expensive online dog training courses out there, so is it really worth the investment?

We’re not going to beat around the bush here – this is an in-depth K9TI Review.

So grab yourself a cup of whatever you fancy, as we’ve got a lot to get through!

k9ti review

How we found out about the K9 Training Institute

We’ve known about the K9 Training Institute for several months now.

In fact, we first heard about it when one of our readers mentioned that it had completely changed the relationship she had with her very challenging six-year-old adopted pup. Just a couple of weeks later, another reader was raving about how K9TI was far more effective than the last course she took.

Prior to that, we had never heard of them.

Coupled with a pretty hefty price tag for the course, we were a little curious, to say the least.

Normally, when you start to hear several people (in quick succession) talking about a product or service, it’s in its viral stage. Lots of clever marketing and adverts all over the place, particularly once those algorithms understand that you’re the perfect target audience for it.

Not K9TI though.

We had seen nothing in terms of an online presence. And that makes you a little curious, right?

So we got straight to work to see what all the fuss was about, as we would hate to miss out on a cracking new online dog training course if there was one out there.

Equally, we wanted to be sure that this was a legitimately helpful and transformational course – created and delivered by people with the right credentials, before we would consider recommending it to our readers.

k9ti total transformation masterclass review
K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass

So, Would We Recommend K9 Training Institute?

Spoiler alert…

Yes, we would 100% recommend the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass, and in actual fact, have moved this into the No.1 spot for our 13 Best Online Dog Training Courses!

We must say that we were initially a little hesitant to do this, based on the fact that K9TI is quite a bit pricer than the next best option.

However, the results are far more successful than any other course on our list, and it is a completely different method of training, making it (by miles) the best value for money when it comes to dog training that actually works for ordinary dog owners.

And over 1300 raving reviews of K9TI state the same!

Plus, it’s the first time that the secrets of the service dog industry have been made available to ordinary dog owners!

k9ti free workshop

K9TI vs Other Online Dog Training Courses

The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is ever so present when it comes to online dog training courses.

There are many courses out there that promise to fix a specific behavioral issue in your dog, and some do a really good job.

K9TI is different in the sense that it teaches two fundamental cues to your dog – Watch and Touch, helping to set the foundations of your training which can then be applied to almost any behavioral issue you are facing with your dog.

These two cues are the cornerstone of training service dogs, helping them to become calm and well-behaved, whilst also giving them a purpose.

Happy and healthy dogs are those that always have a ‘job to do.’ Making them work for their reward is how you effectively manage to engage them and get their attention at all times.

And the most effective technique to teach dogs (according to animal behavior science), is through body language, rather than verbal commands alone.

The course is not about converting your dog into a service dog, but about training them to exhibit some of their traits by keeping a level of calmness, obedience, and impulse control – regardless of the situation.

For example:

  • Your dog will maintain eye contact with you even when someone else’s dog is barking or lunging toward them on a walk
  • They’ll sit calmly, and remain seated in crowded areas or restaurants, even with all the yummy smells lingering around
  • Remain calmly in their bed, even with screaming children around the home

This is what the course sets out to achieve for you and your dog.

The K9TI Masterclass is run by Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall, both of which have the perfect credentials and credibility to deliver an online dog training course that can actually transform the relationship you have with your dog.

training our dogs using k9ti masterclass
Training our dogs using the K9TI Masterclass

The People Behind K9 Training Institute

When looking for the best online dog training course, our top criteria are the credentials and qualifications of the trainers that are delivering the course.

What makes the K9 Training Institute stand out from the rest is that it has been put together by people who have a unique proposition, have lived and breathed their profession for decades, and have extensive experience to share the most effective ways to train your dog.

Although there are several people supporting the delivery of the course, the two main trainers are:

Dr. Alexa Diaz

Dr. Alexa Diaz is the lead animal behaviorist at K9TI with over 20 years of expertise training dogs, working for a top national service dog organization in the United States.

dr alexa diaz k9ti
Dr. Alexa Diaz inside the K9TI workshop

She has a PhD in Animal Behavior and a clear interest in helping people build thriving relationships with their dogs, contributing towards (and publishing) research for several scientific journals around the world.

As one of the most respected service dog trainers in the United States, Dr. Alexa Diaz has demonstrated that she is uniquely positioned to offer expert guidance on all aspects of training dogs to be calmer and more obedient, just like service dogs – delivering practical and effective solutions for dog owners around the world.

Eric Presnall

Eric Presnall is the lead presenter and trainer for K9TI, although he may be better known as Tillman’s Personal Assistant (Skateboarding Bull Dog) on Animal Planet’s hit show “Who Let the Dogs Out,” where was tasked with locating the most talented and well-trained dog in America (including service dogs) and judging the trainer’s performance.

eric presnall who let the dogs out

Eric Presnall has grown up with many dogs and has a true love for training canines. His years of experience have given him a deep understanding of what it takes to transform the lives of both pets and owners alike.

Whilst Dr. Alexa Diaz provides much of the context and theory behind the K9TI Masterclass, it is Eric Presnall that is featured in many of the practical sessions.

Who is the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass For?

The K9TI Masterclass is suitable for all levels of dog owners and will give you all the tools you need to get long-lasting results as quickly as possible.

It’s great for dog owners that are serious about wanting to set good foundations with their pooch – whether it’s an 8-week-old puppy, a 13-year-old hound, or a newly adopted dog with behavioral issues.

More often than not, people only get serious about training their dogs once behavioral issues arise, but with K9TI’s methods, you can teach any dog to be calm and well-behaved, regardless of their background or previous training experience.

The K9TI course is perfect if you:

  • Would like to better understand what motivates your dog
  • Want them to be more sociable
  • Want to give them more trust with your home
  • Are regularly concerned for their safety (running off towards cars, chewing/eating dangerous items, etc)
  • Want to make it easier for others to look after them
  • Most importantly – you just want a better relationship with your pooch!

One important caveat is that you must be able to dedicate 10-15 minutes per day on one-to-one training with your dog. If you think you’ll struggle to find the time, then this course is not for you.

Training your dog requires repetition, time, repetition, and patience. See what we’ve done there?!

You’ll need consistent training with your dog in order to give them the best chance at success within the quickest timeframe possible.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never trained a dog before, or if you’ve tried other methods and had no success. This course is designed to be easy to follow for anyone, with any level of experience.

training your dog at home

What Will The K9TI Masterclass Help With?

The K9TI Masterclass will show you exactly what you need to do for your dog to become calmer and more obedient (with impulse control) – similar to the traits of a service dog.

And when we say obedient – we’re not talking about scaring your dog into submission!

It’s about understanding your dog’s capabilities, what makes them tick, and using their favorite rewards as a way to motivate them and ‘give them a job to do.’

When your dog feels like they have a purpose, they are more likely to be engaged with you, in turn listening to you better and watching for signs in your body language as a means of communication.

This course will show you how to train your dog using simple commands that they can understand, which in turn will drastically help with behavioral issues such as:

  • Jumping up at people
  • Pulling on their leash
  • Ignoring commands
  • Pooping or peeing in the house
  • Nipping or biting at you or children
  • Destructive chewing
  • Stealing forbidden items
  • Protective over food/property
  • Begging for food
  • Constantly trying to escape
  • Chasing after other animals
  • Digging up the yard
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking or howling

You don’t need to have a degree in animal behavior to teach your dog how to be as well-behaved as a service dog. All you need is 10-15 minutes per day of complete dedication in order to start transforming the way your dog responds to you.

And you don’t need to buy anything in addition to the course – there is not a single whistle, clicker, or other dog training tool in sight!

k9ti inside the course
Inside the K9TI Masterclass

One-of-a-Kind Dog Training Course

The K9TI course is like no other when it comes to the way you train your dog. Traditional courses rely on the use of verbal commands when teaching a dog their cues.

With K9TI, you’ll learn why dogs react better to body language and hand signals, along with a few necessary verbal commands in certain situations.

This is the first time the secrets of the service dog industry are being made available to general owners, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Alexa Diaz and her team. Now you can learn how to use the same methods in your own home with a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need to know.

The course is broken down into easy-to-follow sections that build on each other, so as long as you’re willing to commit at least 10-15 minutes per day, you can start seeing results with your dog from the first few sessions.

k9ti total transformation masterclass

K9TI Masterclass – Key Features

With experienced professionals guiding you through every step of the process, you will be able to develop a strong foundation for healthy training practices.

The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass will equip you with everything you need to successfully train your dog, including:

  • A comprehensive training course delivered by one of the most experienced and respected dog trainers in the world
  • A step-by-step blueprint for success that is easy to follow and can be done at your own pace
  • Hands-on practice with experienced professionals
  • Detailed explanations of training techniques
  • 100% force-free training methods
  • Video demonstrations using untrained dogs, with results post-training
  • Unlimited personal coaching from expert trainers
  • Live Q&A calls with trainers
  • Lifetime access to all course materials

In addition, the course provides unlimited access to detailed resources and materials, allowing you to study at your own pace and revisit topics as needed.

K9TI Free Workshop

k9ti masterclass members area
K9TI course member’s dashboard

The first thing that we were most impressed with was the extremely generous Free Training Workshop that was being offered by the K9 Training Institute.

It gives you so much useful information and an incredible taster of what you can expect from the Total Transformation Masterclass, that by the end of it, you are in no doubt whether it’s going to be suitable for you and your dog.

Other online dog trainers will often give you no option but to sign up first and then later decide whether you think it is likely to suit your needs.

Of course, K9TI do not want a load of people signing up only to cancel later as a result of not knowing what to expect, so this is another big tick from us for making sure that dog owners know exactly what they are getting before they make any commitments.

Cost of K9TI Masterclass

k9 training institute couse cost

We must say we were initially taken aback when we first saw the cost of the K9TI Masterclass at $497. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just far too much of a risk to part with that sort of cash for a training course that you can’t be certain will work for your dog.

While there are plenty of free resources out there, nothing beats a comprehensive, professional dog training course.

Not only will you receive one-on-one attention from an experienced trainer, but you’ll also have access to a wealth of resources. And although the cost of the K9TI course may seem high at first, it’s important to remember that it’s an investment in your dog’s future AND your relationship with them.

Once we had been through the entire course, we could completely justify the price based on the level of value it delivers.

Is the K9TI Masterclass Worth the Price?

At $497 for the Total Transformation Masterclass, with video guidance from a very well-respected service dog trainer and unlimited access to other expert dog training professionals, we can now honestly say that it’s extremely good value.

We’ve seen how similar courses have worked out in the past, and once popularity (and demand) rises sharply, so does the cost of the course – as naturally, more members require more resources and updates to their programs.

And whilst the K9TI training course is still a fairly new kid on the block, we actually think it won’t be too long before we see a price increase to reflect the level of support they provide to dog owners around the world.

If you are serious about training your dog effectively from the start, then the K9TI Masterclass is most definitely worth the price.

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

K9TI are so confident in the value of their course, that they are more than happy to provide one of the most extended refund periods of any online dog training course, with a 90 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you can get a full ‘no-questions asked’ refund within 90 days, making this 100% risk-free (which we absolutely love).

You can’t say fairer than that!

K9TI Special Offers

The great news is that K9TI often run promotions on the Masterclass which can save you up to $200 on the full price.

The best way to find out is by registering for this free workshop, watching the video (to decide if it’s right for you), and then seeing whether there are currently any special offers running at the end.

If you can manage to get any amount of money off – then grab it with both hands, as it won’t hang around at these prices for very long.

Much Cheaper Than Hiring a Professional Trainer

If you consider how much it costs to hire a professional dog trainer, you’re looking at upwards of $50 an hour, at least twice per week, for around 10 weeks.

For a highly skilled instructor (such as a service dog trainer), this normally starts at $200 per hour!

Plus, it’s often far better to train your dog yourself than to hire in professional help, as you will be the one to continue this training with them, and they will respond better to you than someone who comes in temporarily and then leaves.

k9ti inside the masterclass
Eric Presnall delivering the course at K9TI

Cost of Keeping a Dog vs Course Fee

When we really put things into perspective, how much do we actually spend during the lifetime of owning our dog?

We’re talking thousands.

If we’re looking at an average medium-sized dog with a life expectancy of 13 years, that could be anywhere between $15,600 – $62,000

This includes:

  • Initial Costs – Price for the dog, their bed, leads, toys
  • Ongoing Costs – Food, treats, pet insurance, replacement of toys & bedding, grooming
  • Medical Fees – Vaccinations, flea & worming, spaying/neutering, routine checks, unforeseen injuries, and medical conditions
  • Damaged Items – Destructive chewing of furniture, household items, bedding
  • Dog Walker – Pet sitting and dog walking services

Most people drastically underestimate the cost of owning a dog, and considering they are a huge part of our lives, there’s no real price you can put on superior dog training that will set the foundations to a happy partnership for life.

By training your dog appropriately as soon as you can, we can promise you one thing – you’ll most definitely save a lot of time, money, and stress by reducing the number of damaged items and veterinary visits over the course of their life!

Why Free Online Dog Training Courses Won’t Cut It

When it comes to training your dog, free online courses simply aren’t enough. While free courses can provide basic information on what you should be doing, they often lack the in-depth knowledge and expertise that you need to effectively shape and mold your pet’s behavior – that includes the information found here on The Barmy Beagle.

It is simply not possible to provide sufficient context (in text form) behind the reasons why doing something is effective.

When you can dedicate time to learn about the exact effects particular training actions can have, (and it’s articulated in a clear and easy-to-understand audio and visual format), it really helps you to push through until you see progress with your dog.

What you read in a book or online is often very difficult to put into practice.

Investing in a good quality paid course will give you access to experienced trainers who can offer guidance and support every step of the way. With years of experience working with dogs of all temperaments and backgrounds, these trainers are uniquely qualified to help you develop a firm foundation for healthy training practices.

It’s simply unreasonable to expect this level of professionalism and support to be provided for free.

Ultimately, free online dog training courses simply won’t be enough if you want to successfully train your pup.

What we don’t like about the K9TI Masterclass

We wholeheartedly rate the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass as the best overall online dog training course, so finding fault with it is a little challenging!

If we’re being extremely picky, we would say that some of the videos could be made a little shorter. It’s not a huge problem, and there is the option to fast-forward areas you believe you are making progress with, but ultimately they are catering to dog owners that need a complete overview of the process from start to finish, and repetition is key when training any dog.

We would’ve like to have complained about how pricey the course is, but honestly, it provides so much value that we believe the results are totally worth the time and money.

k9ti best online dog training course

Our K9TI Review

Overall, we believe that the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass is the best online dog training course we have come across to date.

It is suitable for all levels of dog owners, delivered by one of the most respected dog trainers in the United States, backed by a 90 day money-back guarantee, and it provides lifetime access to the member’s area.

If you are serious about training your dog using the most effective, force-free methods, then we highly recommend that you take advantage of the Free Workshop and see how it goes for you.

With K9TI’s help, your dog will quickly become the well-behaved and happy canine companion that you’ve always dreamed of!

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