Our Story

We have owned beagles for long enough to know just about everything they need to live long, happy, and healthy lives with the best beagle parents possible.
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All About Beagles

We absolutely love beagles and everything related to them.

At The Barmy Beagle, you will find detailed guides on how to care for these goregous hounds, handy tips, fun facts, beagle must-haves, products reviews and the best type of gifts for owners. All things 'Beagle' in one place!

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What We Do

The Barmy Beagle exists to provide future and current beagle owners with all the information and resources needed to look after and care for their pooches.

We have owned beagles for many years, and have first-hand experience of their stubborn character traits, challenges with training, and mischievous behaviours.

about the barmy beagle

Our Mission

We don't sugar-coat anything. Beagles can be challenging to raise, resulting in them being one of the most rehomed breeds of dog.

We want to provide honest, reliable, and quality information to help prepare people for beagle ownership, and reduce the chances of these charming doggies from being totally misunderstood. And we like to do all of this with a little sprinkle of light-hearted humour along the way!

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