18 Hilarious Reasons Why Beagles Are the Funniest Dogs!

beagles are the funniest dogs

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Get set for a laughter-filled journey, we’re diving into the hilarious world of beagles!

These lovable goofballs are experts at brightening our lives with funny antics and heartwarming charm.

Whether they’re doing their signature ‘bay-rooing’ or launching into their epic ‘shake down’ to discover the treasures in our pockets, they’ve got a talent for making us chuckle at every turn.

So, get ready to laugh, relate, and fall in love all over again with these little clowns! Here are some laugh-out-loud reasons why beagles are the funniest dogs around.

reasons beagles are the funniest dog

1. Selective Hearing

“Sit!” “Stay!” “Come here!” Oh, the commands we give our beagles that seem to go in one floppy ear and out the other.

They will hear the sound of a treat bag being opened from a mile away, but when you call them to come inside on a rainy day, suddenly they’re deaf!

2. Expressive Faces

Beagles are true masters of facial expressions, capable of making you burst into laughter.

From their curious “What did you say?” gaze to the classic ‘scrunching of the snout’ they give when something puzzles them, their expressive faces are an endless source of amusement that never fails to get a chuckle.

beagle funny facial expressions

3. The Sniffing ‘Shake Down’

When you get home (and before they even say hello), a beagle will launch into a fully-fledged sniffari, eager to investigate if you had any success on ‘your hunt’ and what delightful treasures you might have brought home in your handbag or pockets.

Their insatiable curiosity and humorous “shake down” antics never fail to make us giggle.

4. Unconventional Problem-Solving

As clever problem solvers, beagles often find unconventional ways to get what they want. If they can’t reach a treat on the counter, they’ll pull up a chair and use it as their personal assistant!

Their resourcefulness and determination never cease to amaze, leaving you both amused and impressed by their ingenuity!

5. ‘Bay-roo’ Howl

funny beagle baying

When a Beagle starts “bay-rooing,” it’s like they’re auditioning for a singing competition.

Their unique howl is a mix of melodious and hilarious, and we can’t help but join in on the “wooo-wooo” fun!

6. Hilarious Chase

Beagles have an inbuilt ‘squirrel radar’ and when they spot one, it’s like a high-speed chase worthy of a comedy movie.

Despite the fact that they’ll never actually catch the elusive critter, the pursuit is pure entertainment.

7. Funny Sleeping Positions

funny beagle sleeping position

Beagles have a knack for finding the most hilarious sleeping positions.

You’ll find them sprawled out with their legs splayed in all directions or contorted into seemingly impossible shapes, providing endless photo opportunities.

8. Curious Explorers

Beagles have an insatiable curiosity that can lead them into hilarious adventures.

They will explore every nook and cranny, and you’ll often find them stuck in the most improbable places, giving you that “Help, I’ve made a terrible decision” look.

9. Begging for Treats

Beagles are the ultimate masters of the begging game.

Those puppy-dog eyes and heart-melting expressions when they want a treat are impossible to resist! We’re basically putty in their paws.

10. Funniest Gurney Faces

beagle with funny gurney face

Beagles have mastered the art of comedy with their unintentional gurney expressions, thanks to those loose jowls often getting snagged on their teeth.

It’s like they’re giving us a hilarious teefy grin without even trying!

11. Bunny Hops

When beagles are feeling particularly frisky, they break into their signature bunny hops.

Watching them hop around like joyful little rabbits is not only entertaining but also contagious, making you want to join in on the fun.

12. Mischievous Side

Beagles have a mischievous streak that keeps their owners on their toes.

They may steal socks, raid the garbage, or hide your shoes, all while wearing an innocent expression that makes it hard to stay mad at them.

13. Cute Head Tilts

beagle cute head tilt

The classic beagle head tilt gets us every time! 

Whether you’re talking to them about going for a walk or sharing your dinner plans, their head tilts look like they’re deciphering our human language and trying to understand why on earth we’re not speaking in barks!

14. Energetic Playfulness

With bundles of energy, beagles are always up for a game. Watching them zoom around the house, bounce off furniture, and play with unbridled enthusiasm can turn any dull day into a lively adventure.

They could give the Energizer Bunny a run for its money!

beagle funny play time

15. Love for Games

Playful by nature, beagles love games that challenge their minds and bodies.

Whether it’s hide-and-seek with their toys or participating in epic tug-of-war battles, their enthusiasm and determination are always amusing to witness.

16. Funny Reactions to New Scents

These hounds are all about their sense of smell, and when beagle encounters a new scent, their reactions can be utterly comical.

The exaggerated sniffing and expressions of intrigue make for amusing moments.

beagle funny face

17. Intelligent Yet Stubborn

Beagles are incredibly smart, which often leads to them outsmarting their owners.

They’ll follow commands when they feel like it and only when they see a benefit for themselves (usually involving treats).

18. In-Built Food Radars

Beagles are like your furry little shadows. Step into the kitchen, and voilà, they are right there, probably thinking, “Did someone say snacks?”

Every. Single. Time.

It’s like they’ve got built-in food radars set on hilarious overdrive!

beagles have in built food radars

Beagles are the Funniest Dogs

Hands down, beagles are the funniest dogs out there. Think of them as the stand-up comics of the pooch world.

With faces practically begging for a meme caption and antics that surprise every time, they’re the definition of comedy gold.

As always, a quick peek at your beagle’s latest mischief and you’re reminded: life’s a whole lot brighter with these hilarious hounds by your side.

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